Monochrome Delinquency

by The Retinal Circus

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Recorded on an old school 8 track and a high tech digital 14 track {at the time at least} for a college final major project between late 2001 into 2002 and finally finished in early 2003. Using pc microphones, microsoft sound recorder, tape loops, mini disc field recodings, foley recording of : rain, washing machines fed through ring modulators, lead static, haunted rooms, cellars, drills ect
Using every effect pedal I ever owned at the time.:

*Boss Octave 3
*Ibanez Sound Tank distortion
*Digetech RC120
*Line 6 DL4 and ML4
*Crybaby Wah
*Boss overdrive of some description
*several odd custom pedals
*Danelectro pedals of some description
*Two Ring Modulators
Other equipment:
*MACCE 48 channel DESK
*Soundscape sequencer
*Two acoustic guitars- a yamaha acoustic and a Brunswick,
*Maverick Street Fighter special,
*Fender mex Telecaster Standard
*Modified Les Paul Standard
*An harmond organ of some description
*Casio PT10
*Marshall 15 watt Surf
*Fender Blues Deville Amp circa 1991
*Around ten microphones used and abused
with percussian provided at times from things as far fetched as mirrors, briefcases, bath water and chinchillas having dustbaths..
Was it worth it? Sold zero copies! Gave away over 100! Had zero feedback..


released April 6, 2003

Craigus Barry - Everything,practically
Simon Adcock - Bass guitar, loops, voices, effects, soundscaping on 2 three tracks..
All music/lyrics C Barry 01-03 unless stated otherwise



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Retinal Circus Birmingham, UK

Bored with all of these run o' the mill la-de-bloomin-da songs about girls and relationships?
Then you've come to the right place!.. Here we only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, spaniards with fantastic taches', seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, Gregorian calendars and an analysis of the human race with the conclusion we are all APES.. ETC ... more

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Track Name: Waldo D.R Dobbs
The track name is taken from the 2000ad character from D.R & Quinch created by Alan Moore..
Track Name: Picnic On Pluto

Giger’s dreams are monochrome
Whilst silent scenes of Venus moons are painted in lucid scarlet sunsets
Sunset strips with beached whales
Choking dust pollutes the cornea of my eyes
Silent dreams drifting in scarlet sunsets
Second star is painted out delayed progressive supernovas
Delayed reaction satisfies the soul
Flaying their skins of all the justice all injustice
So why am I trapped beside the summer tide?
Track Name: Melissa’s Underworld

Degrading my ways I dont know where to turn
She plays the toy guitar ever so gently
She strums another chord, the colours seem to reel
I stand beside the cage and look into the mirror
The mirror reveals exactly what will be told
I see a flash of blinding white whilst everything is vaporised
I can't help but scream but I'm fascinated by the glow
The world seems so surreal inside her underworld
The cornea defecting grey her eyes are cobalt blue
Her hair the colour of corn a new warning another dawn
Lifeless and listless upon our run
All these gentle gauntlet blockades
The skies form mediocre red
And alibi storms are in my head
Hypocrisy is determined to undermine
Generosity greed is ripe
Life is such a haze living inside this heartless cage
Deflecting the means as they shadow over shadow
Stolen her means to see into the world
Stolen her dreams & crushed them underfoot
It's personally deliberate our own other-world
Grey hearts and thoughts gold mine I see the world in black too
Track Name: Oscar Wilde’s last words

Well here I am again trapped inside a piece of sheapish glass
There’s not a mucha left to dew
Like a foetus in a basket shove my fingers in an outlet
Fried like chic-ken rice ha ha you did it toooo
I take this knife
An’ cut your opinions carve them in the grass
It’s not enough to make you try
Try to change your mind
“Wilde says ‘Either that wallpaper goes or I do’ ha ha witty until the end”
{Hoop hoop monkey go bye bye}
But don’t think you have time to be sentimental especially
When a mourning comes
Your dead inside trying to carve
Cut the fingers of.. huh
Philosophers career
Track Name: I Want Red Bull On Tap

Verse 1:

Oh what a life it would be to have it on tap for all eternity
I would float around on synthetic wings and never hit the ground
But when it wears off depression awaits on the higher drop off
The fun is over and done
But down time has only just begun
How far can too far go?
How far I wanna know
I said how far can too far go?
The next morning we disagree
Cus last night is just a distant memory
My mind feels so uh very high
I think if I reached out enough maybe I could touch the sky
But I wanna know how far will the red bull flow?
The apathy society how far will you go for me?
{Chorus again..}
Track Name: Peculiar Passings

Feed the skin tuppence a time
You get a lifetime
You get what everyone gets
You get a lifeline
It’s not over yet
Scarred by the forceps
On your big entrance
Scared by the vortex but theres no hidden motive here
For what it matters
Internal vortex in converted context
Crushed larynx has taken away my air
And it’s hard to breath
Panic attack sinks it’s teeth into my soul
Trying to breathe, for what it’s worth I hate you all
Track Name: FUNHOUSE/Binary Lullaby
Binary lullaby:

In a coma I lie and wait
From a slumber
To sneak
From a distance creeping
From a stanza I write my life
It forms lots of bars and numbers
zeros and ones
Please talk to me I feel so incredibly
insupportably cultivated
cultures a role model for my own demise
What separates them from us
is you and I
The blood has drained from off my lips
My face is deathly pale
The colours are churning and floating and burning
The flowers are zeros and ones
The lines are zeros and ones
Strychnine tumours are locked in a brief case over night
From a muttering a manner of over sight
Locked inside of a win lose situation
From what it’s worth as a conclusion
For what is worse breathe deeper
Legato tunnel vision
Legato tunnel vision
--- ----
--- ----
!Shake shake!
"ha ha ha
Caller:Hello, would you like to speak please?
Other guy:You just rang me who the hell are you?
Why did you just ring me?
Caller:Hello would you like to speak please
fooomf Oh fuckin helll..
Other Guy:Why did you just ring me?"
!shake shake!
Track Name: The Black Box Recovery

“Organic flat line dark titanium survived.. but if you look around.. your my angel fire.. what is wrong?? making sense of it all.. but amoungst these charred searing corpses it never makes sense”
Track Name: “Contradiction”.. in a cupboard?

I know I hate this place..
But then I always say that
People call me friend
Then they stab me in the back
I hate you looking at me like that
So please keep looking..