Meteor Street (CUT2) Live at The Marrs Bar (27​/​12​/​07) - 3 Track EP

by The Retinal Circus

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"3 choice cuts taken from Meteor Street’s headline slot at last years opening night of The Little Hellfire Club’s Boozestock Festival. " in 2008 at least.. :(


released December 27, 2007

Meteor Street were:

Ed, Johnj, Craigus, Kryss, Sambo,



all rights reserved


The Retinal Circus Birmingham, UK

Bored with all of these run o' the mill la-de-bloomin-da songs about girls and relationships?
Then you've come to the right place!.. Here we only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, spaniards with fantastic taches', seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, Gregorian calendars and an analysis of the human race with the conclusion we are all APES.. ETC ... more

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Track Name: Malicious Metalics {LIVE}
I would like to loose control with an obscure surgical tool
When the penny drops and sure it will I shall fulfil
The obligations of a unique day don't feel obligated and fiends’ chip away at what little patience still remains a one man war
But when so and so says such a sucha such lies is it screaming lord sutch such such a surprise to say
Aloha Aloha Aloha Aloha Aloha Aloha Well Hani's hacked off now
Fickle Thin Paper Thin Wallpaper Personality Is This what you thought of me? Or is it just inversed reversed psychology?
Irrational fear of those serrated edges that cut a life short via malicious metallics Arbo ASBO suspicions unfounded tightly wound round red tape italics
The undercurrents of truth sweep in beside
Obtuse disputes upon the river side
Judging others on a whim cutting her stabbin him best too avoid!
Aloha - X Marks the spot
Synapse shortcut in blind panic at your door
So need so hefty thoughts to chew upon
Aloha - Age is not an accurate measurement of maturity
Just an obligation we all have to deal with..
One door closes another life begins one door closes another life begins..

Track Name: Morse Code Vendetta {Live}
.. / -.. --- -. .----. - / .-. . -- . -- -... . .-.
Track Name: Coldwar {Live}
On a cold war dusty mornin’
Walking under false storm skies
Lighting the blue torch paper
A natural canvas before my eyes

But in the back of my mind I'm reminded of the pier
Struts eroded by the times
Those supports it once stood so confidently upon
Are eaten by the ever flowing tide

Through crowds I tried to find you
As the panic struck the streets
Through clouds I tried to find you
Oh no oh no
What a bleak outlook that was

Beneath the sleeping automobiles
Where these rusted carcases lie
We've built up a wall of a copper juggernauts
That once guzzled all those fossil fuels

And the war happy man took on more than he could understand
Secret deals slight of hand
Endless stockpiles of nuclear armaments
Is this the greatest western achievement?

Through crowds I tried to find you
As the panic swept the streets
Through crowds I tried to find you
Oh no oh no
What a bleak outlook we shared