Glych Bych

by Dimitri & The Godhead



Experimental? Pah! This is intense, bass heavy, filthy, glitchy, jittery, ridiculous, and above all, incredibly naive! But I'm going to put it out there anyway!! Each track was pretty much made entirely in ReacTable synth on a smart phone, with a few overdubs and edits in a simple sequencer on a pc after the fact.
It's a lot of fun, nothing serious about this, though I did learn a lot making it.
It's going to be a pay what you like thing for the first week, but suggested price is £3.50 ta
The album is named after a small circuit bent noise synth created by my friend Squidfanny / HAXXSAW which was encased in a VHS box and merely called "The Glitch Bitch"


released May 30, 2017

Craigus Barry - ReacTable, treatments, butchering of samples, programing, all dat stuff. 2012 - 2017
~~ all other credits are on individual tracks ~~
Cover photo orginally by Dale Shepherd, deepdreamed by Google python code.
All other photos, some are stock, some are from space messed up by python code



all rights reserved


The Retinal Circus Birmingham, UK

Bored with all of these run o' the mill la-de-bloomin-da songs about girls and relationships?
Then you've come to the right place!.. Here we only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, spaniards with fantastic taches', seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, Gregorian calendars and an analysis of the human race with the conclusion we are all APES.. ETC ... more

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Track Name: Bloopy!
Bloopy was created mainly using a single sample of The Bloop!
What's the bloop?
The Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1997. The sound is consistent with the noises generated by icequakes in large icebergs.
The sound, traced to somewhere around 50° S 100° W (a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean west of the southern tip of South America), was detected several times by the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array.[1] This system was developed as an autonomous array of hydrophones that could be deployed in any oceanographic region to monitor specific phenomena. It is primarily used to monitor undersea seismicity, ice noise, and marine mammal population and migration. This is a stand alone system designed and built by NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) to augment the U.S. Navy Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS), equipment originally designed to detect Soviet submarines.
Also features the late great pope, Robert Anton Wilson!
He says something like this :
"Who is the great magicine who makes the grass green?
I used to wonder why am I so happy and most the world is miserable, what's wrong with them?
I'm not making any of this up, I might be joking a bit but I'm not joking about peptides.
People using their brains entirely for misery and suffering..
With an infinite expanse of single thought...."
Created by Craigus Barry using Reactable for Galaxy Note innit
oh and here's the bloop…ot-solved-sort-of
Just sos you don't think I'm fulla shit. It is a long sample really!
--- here's it sped up a bit ---…ounds/bloop.html
Track Name: Loving Ewe
"Doobe Doobe Doo doo DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!"
What happens if you stick Minnie Ripperton's lovely charming vocals, Serj Tankian's gutteral scream, & dialogue from Big Trouble In Little China in a aural blender? With seasonings of oscilator powered drum parts?
Apparently, this! Once described by Billy Bollocks from Poisoned Electrick Head as "sounding like a load of robotic chickens clucking and fucking".
Nice! I'll take it!
Track Name: Erisian Interlude
What's for tea mother? Imp stew?
You lock me in the cellar and feed me PINS!
Track Name: And And And I Told Him Right Yeah
"And... And... And... I.. Told... Him.. Right, Yeah"