Eunoia (Live Circus Vol #3)

by The Retinal Circus



Eunoia :
I n. Goodwill towards an audience, either perceived or real; the perception that the speaker has the audience's interest at heart.
II n. A state of normal adult mental health.
III n. Beautiful thinking
Eunoia is the shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning "well mind" or "beautiful thinking." Cicero translates eunoia with the Latin word benevolentia
A unique collection of original unreleased songs inspired by various travels either within or out, with additional banter inbetween.
Recorded entirely live on VIP RADIO in early 2014 for Gwen Austin's Folk Show!
Subtitle : Live Circus Volume 3!
Recorded live in early 2014 at VIP Radio Worcester by Vince Bollard
DJ Hostess - Gwen Austin


released June 4, 2014

Thanks and much love to Gwen & Vince at VIP RADIO
Songs/Guitar/vocals performed entirely live - Craigus Barry
DJ Hostess - Gwen Austin
VIP RADIO Engineer/Producer - Vince Bollard
Moral Support - Russell Marshall
All songs C Barry 05 - 014
Cover photo/art by Harry Collison features Tristran Rowley, Karl Pillage and Craigus Barry,taken at Unorthodox Paradox 14 in Fell Foot Woods Lake Windamere Cumbria May 2014



all rights reserved


The Retinal Circus Birmingham, UK

Bored with all of these run o' the mill la-de-bloomin-da songs about girls and relationships?
Then you've come to the right place!.. Here we only deal with shapes, platonic relationships with time keeping devices, spaniards with fantastic taches', seahorses suspended in the vacuum of space, nebulae, Gregorian calendars and an analysis of the human race with the conclusion we are all APES.. ETC ... more

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Track Name: 02 Concentric Rings
Concentric Rings
Extinguish this line
Don't Feel sad
It's a rough design
Rub out those lines
Try harder next time
To chart this vessel with nervey sails
Out of harms way into the storms eye
Great prince builds keeps to hold those secrets
But all walls must fall eventually
And I stumble precariously into the oncoming lights
And I'm torn as a rag-doll and then again I'm dead against it
Well one cycle ends
And another begins
This time I'm grazing
With some peculiar friends
With rise with the sun instinctively
As it lights up the dawn
On the estuary
What's so different about this vessel?
All forms born to fall into the sea
Still I stumble precariously
Into the incoming tide
And I'm torn like a rag-doll
And then again I'm dead against it
Don't you go fretting about reincarnation
It's only a problem if you deem it so
Track Name: 04 Franklin Meets The Titan
Wandering through the yews
Of pastures green
Musing on the scope
Of this gilded scene
A cape of gold holds close
Warms over the day
In Quiet contemplation
I rest within the shade
Giant raised a foot
Then he stops it down
I lie cold and broken
Within the ground
Blood pours out of my nose
My perforated lungs
My testicles reduced
To two smashed plumbs
Giant raised a foot
Stomps it down again
I am naught but compost
Within the glen
Giant raised a foot without a single second thought
He performs a dance upon my corpse
Track Name: 07 Eunoia (first ever performance!)
(for Michelle Smith)
If truth stems from innocence lead by fingers pointing the way
Oh what is this stretched out in front of me?
It's empathy
Not just sympathy
I once was
self adsorbed in consciousness I fret as that world falls away
I watch the old
Shifted it folds
So eloquently
Becomes mere memory
We instil faith in technologies
Shun what is just and human and brave
I travel solely within
But never without
Some love
Track Name: 08 Mother Of Pearl
Mother of pearl dots stepped up to heaven
Upon the dry & dusty shores
Beneath these dying suns
In the wispy nether realm
The quiet anarchy of the cosmos
Ashen ascending grey
Oceans upon a lunar crust
Conceived in constant chrysalis
The vacant seas ran dry
With distended fingers
Of deltas filled up with fossils
Beauty out of dust